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Missing Method in Controller · Groupon
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Missing Method in CompaniesController

Error: The action chile is not defined in controller CompaniesController

Error: Create CompaniesController::chile() in file: app/controllers/companies_controller.php.

class CompaniesController extends AppController {

	var $name = 'Companies';

	function chile() {



Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/views/errors/missing_action.ctp.

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1DESCRIBE `companies`20203
2SELECT `Country`.`default_slug` FROM `countries` AS `Country` WHERE `Country`.`code` = 'CL' LIMIT 1111
3SELECT `City`.*, `Country`.*, `Currency`.*, `Location`.* FROM `cities` AS `City` LEFT JOIN locations AS `Location` ON (`Location`.`city_id` = `City`.`id`) LEFT JOIN `countries` AS `Country` ON (`City`.`country_id` = `Country`.`id`) LEFT JOIN `currencies` AS `Currency` ON (`City`.`currency_id` = `Currency`.`id`) WHERE `Country`.`code` = 'CL' AND `Location`.`slug` = 'las-condes' LIMIT 1111